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Prices 2018 - 2021

All prices are inclusive VAT.

IBAN ALFA-Europe: NL05 INGB 0004 9575 03


Please see the general payment instructions

DNA-sample submission forms via ALFA-Europe

F2 - DNA-profile and parentage verification for an individual dog or puppy

F3 - prcd-PRA (partnerlab)

F3 - prcd-PRA (OptiGen - patent owner) see the instructions in the form

F4 - Order form concerning a (an additional) DNA test (see payment instructions)
See also the VHL-genetics website

F5 - Combination pack - Coat-colour

F6 - Improper Coat / Furnishings (IC13)

F7 - Litter Sample Submission Form (DNA-profile and parentage verification
for each puppy)

F8 - Order form concerning a request for a new DNA Sample by the laboratory
(see payment instructions

€ 60,--

€ 47,80


€ 66,55

€ 47,80

€ 60,-- per


Assessment form of a breeding dog (who is not known in our database)

F1 - Submitting an assessment form € 15,--

Processing the different registrations forms

F11 - Application to register a litter

F9 - Application to register a breeding dog

€ 15,--

€ 15,--

Providing the ALFA-Europe pedigrees

F10 - Providing a certified pedigree per puppy € 12,50

Providing a copy of an official document

Providing a copy ( see note 2 of the payment instructions) € 10,--

Price changes

The board will inform the breeders who have registered their dogs with ALFA-Europe about price changes per e-mail first, before it will be published on this website.


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