Registered breeding dogs 2016

All dogs who are linked are registered with ALFA-Europe. Parents who are not linked are accepted as parent of the registered breeding dog.


Calypso Breeze Benji / Date of birth: 19 / 11 / 2015

portrtait-Calypso-Benji Sire: Berkshire Hills Casanova
Dam: Calypso Breeze Indiana wants me
Breeder: Brenda van Deilen

Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Registration number: AES-M16005TC
DNA profile: VHL_ID H146191

Owners: Edyta Gajewska / Annelies van Dijk (co-owner)
Kennel: www.wlochata-Pasja.com.pl




Cymbrogi's Lee-Roy / Date of birth: 01 / 01 /2015

Portrait Cymbrogi's Lee-Roy Showposition Cymbrogi's Lee-RoySire: Wlochata Pasja Dazzling Jack
Dam: Rutlands Ava
Breeder: Angela and Pako Verkoelen

Sex: Male
Size: Medium / 55 cm
Registration number: AES-M16004T/C
DNA profile: VHL_ID H86794

Owner: Family Pohl / Studrights: Cymbrogi-Labradoodles
Website: www.cymbrogi-labradoodles.de



Wlochata Pasja Magnificient Heidi / Date of Birth: 23 / 05 / 2015

Portrait WP HeidiShow position WP HeidiSire: Rutlands Black Onyxe
Dam: Rutlands Caramel Passion
Breeder: Edyta Gajewska

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 54 cm
Registration number: AES-F16003T/C
DNA profile: VHL_ID H116371

Owner: Anna Imbro
Website: www.germanysnexttoplabradoodle.de



Cymbrogi's Leah Mae / Date of birth: 01 / 01 / 2015

Sire: Wlochata Pasja Dazzling Jack
Dam: Rutlands WH Ava
Breeder: Angela and Pako Verkoelen

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 52 cm
Registration number: AES-F16002C
DNA profile: VHl_ID H887892

Owner: Geerpetra Yakobowitz-van Breda
Website: www.of Yakobsson.nl




Rudzhi's Apparition Amazing Nita / Date of birth: 21 / 02 / 2013

Portrait RA Nita Show position RA Nita Sire: McWally Orange Aussie Dogs
Dam: Rudzhi's Apparition Kindly Cleo
Breeder:Harja and Peter Schrijver

Sex: Female
Size: Small / 45cm
Registration number: AES-F16001C
DNA profile: VHL_ID H48681

Owners: Harja and Peter Schrijver, the Netherlands
Website: www.labradoodle.nl



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